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•    Advocate at the State and Federal level for Full Funding of Public Education and continued local control of educational funds.

•    Focus on educational programs that inspire student achievement and life-long learning. Every student learns differently and we need to give all students the individual support they need to succeed.

•    Continue to introduce and implement district-wide programs that address our high-need students to close existing achievement gaps

•    Prioritize the Social Emotional Wellness of our students and staff through the allocation of state and county resources, and community partnerships.

•    Fix the structural deficit by right-sizing our district, allowing AUSD to raise teacher and staff pay to parity neighboring districts.

•    Modernize our facilities to reflect 21st Century learning and create safe, vibrant and creative learning and work spaces for our staff and students.


"As a passionate advocate for public education, I believe high-quality, well-funded schools are foundational to a strong community."

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